Our teachers and board are doing everything we can to make the playschool as close to ‘normal’ as possible. We will be following the provincial guidelines for preschools, which can be found here.


Each class will be an individual cohort, and as such children will not need to wear masks day to day. Because the teachers will be interacting with multiple cohorts they will be wearing masks each day. Some sensory play that return students are used to will be unavailable this year but the teachers are working hard to come up with substitutions for these, or a way to make these work! Any items that cannot be easily sanitized will be removed from the classroom, or duplicated so that each class or student can have their own; ie. playdough.


In an effort to encourage social distancing at drop off and pick up, we will trial staggered entry times. Details on this will be made available to all families before the first day of school. Please look forward to more information and specifics about this in the September newsletter!

Each day at drop off students will fill out the COVID questionnaire found here which many of you have probably become familiar with. If students respond yes to any symptoms they will not be allowed to enter the classroom that day. Please answer honestly in order to keep our school healthy and running!

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