Every month a team of parent volunteers meet for an evening to run our playschool.  This is easily the most hands-on connection a parent will ever have to their child's education!

2020 - 2021 Board Members

President - Kate Ager
(handles all permits and grant applications) 

Vice President -Vacant 
(coordinates registration process) 

Treasurer - Daina Barbary
(manages our finances, oversees class waitlists) 

Volunteer Coordinator - Jamie Fahl
(coordinates parent volunteers, both in the classroom and out)


Special Events Coordinator - Vacant
(coordinates classroom guests program and special events) 

Communications & Privacy Officer - Lisa Exner
(coordinate schools publicity, advertising and external communications) 

Secretary - Jody Bell
(takes notes and manages meetings, coordinates newsletter and communication to families) 

Past Parent - Kristina Bezic
(previously a Board member, steps into Board positions when vacant, brings historic perspective to Board)