One of the ways we keep our playschool costs affordable is through the involvement of parents as volunteers. 


If you choose our volunteer option, 10 hours of volunteer time are required per child registered in the Tue/Thur class and 15 hours of volunteer time are required per child registered in the Mon/Wed/Fri class. These hours need to be completed by the end of the current school year in order to keep your $250 Volunteer Bond. If a child registers after September and begin class later in the year, the volunteer hours will be prorated based on the month the child starts.

Parents can volunteer for both jobs in the classroom, and out of the classroom.  Classroom volunteers will begin in the classes starting the second week of September and all out of class volunteer jobs will be awarded at the fall AGM in September.

Criminal Record / Vulnerable Sector Check

Our playschool requires any person working with children to complete a Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check. This means that all IN-CLASS volunteers (moms, dads, aunts, grandfathers, nannies, etc) will need to have a Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check completed prior to October 1 in order to volunteer inside the classroom.


If you live in Chestermere, the Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check can be completed FREE OF CHARGE at the local RCMP detachment (156 East Chestermere Dr; 403-204-8777 )

To get your free Check, print the form below, complete it, and bring it to the RCMP. This form is what qualifies you for the free check. When you get to the RCMP office, you will fill out two more forms and submit them, along with the form below.


The completed check must be brought to the classroom so the teachers can take a copy for our records.  If a check is submitted and notes an infraction, appropriate documentation may be requested to allow the Board to assess the relevance of the infraction to activities within the classroom. A Criminal Record / Vulnerable Sector Check is valid for a year.

Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check Form - 2020-21

In-class Volunteers

Classroom volunteers are present for the full class, helping the teachers with the children (assisting with stories, play centres, crafts, tidying up, etc.) Each classroom volunteer assignment will earn 2.5 hours.  To sign up to volunteer in the classroom, email our volunteer coordinator with your name, your child's name and class, and the date you'd like to volunteer. You must sign up for dates at least a month prior to get placed on the volunteer calendar. Each month the volunteer calendars are printed and posted on the parent board by the classroom entrance. Once a calendar is posted on the parent board, all remaining classroom volunteer positions for that month must be signed up in person, on a first come first serve basis.  This process helps avoid having more than one person signing up for the same shift.  Once you've filled your volunteer hours, please make space in the classroom for others to complete their time.

Out of Class Volunteers

In addition to volunteering in the classroom, there are many jobs that can be completed outside of class time. Volunteer assignments will be presented at the September AGM and people who attend can sign up for jobs.  The file linked below contains a list of positions that are available. 


Additional out of class opportunities are also available by talking to the teachers. These opportunities are likely to be smaller projects that need to be completed and while they may not individually provide all your necessary volunteer hours, every little bit helps!

Board Volunteers

One of the most significant out of class volunteer positions you can take is a Board position. As a parent run Playschool, the Board provides all the necessary administrative functions for our school.  Our Board positions are elected at our registration meeting in March - all registered families receive an invitation to this meeting. The Board meets once a month, and has responsibilities that are completed between meetings.  Details of the Board positions available are listed in the link that follows below.